Shared House

Shared House is the first Virtual Reality project and Serious Game I worked on at SAE alongside primary team members Tom Lynn, Noah Seymour and Joshua Irish-Donges. Shared House was created with the intention of conveying the concept of home to the player, and how invading someone else’s can lead to uncomfortable consequences.

Inside Zeke’s room

Inside Zeke’s room

Reading a note from Zeke

Reading a note from Zeke


April 23 2017 - Published to


  • Managing the project and team

  • Documentation and iteration

  • Programming with Virtual Reality

  • Implementing Mechanics

  • Implementing 3D audio

Project Time Frame

2 Months - Full Time

Tools Used:

  • Unity3D

  • Visual Studio 2015

  • C#

  • Sourcetree/Gitkraken

  • Hack ‘N’ Plan

  • Google Drive