Project - DMCA Takedown

Project - DMCA Takedown is the very first game project I undertook. The brief for this game was to recreate World 1-1 of Mario and his mechanics as accurately as possible, while changing the art of the game to match a given artist. Bridget Riley is known for her works that trick the brain somewhat, therefore I had to change the aesthetic to something more mind bending.

Start of World 1-1

Start of World 1-1

Moving through world 1-1

Moving through world 1-1


September 28 2016- Published to


  • Documentation and iteration

  • Recreation of Mario assets required for play

  • Recreation of Mario mechanics as accurately as possible

Project Time Frame

1 Week - Full Time

Tools Used:

  • Google Drive

  • Photoshop

  • Game Maker Studio

  • GML

  • Git

  • Sourcetree