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I am a software developer with a focus on game development located in Brisbane, Australia. Throughout my short time in the games industry I have published a number of small projects across multiple platforms.

Employment History

Freelance Software Developer, Brisbane, Queensland (January 2016 - Current)

  • Created a JavaScript Discord application that lets players collect digital trading cards.

  • Created a simple turn-based combat system using Scriptable Objects with C# and Unity3D.

  • Shipped a simple two-button local-multiplayer game for windows as part of a game jam using Unity3D.

  • Developed basic Unity Editor tools and shaders for personal projects.

Kapa Painting Services, Brisbane, Queensland (January 2014 - Current)


  • Collaboration in a team environment, ensuring effective communication between team members and professional results on project.

  • Solving presented problems quickly and efficiently,

  • Carrying out labour intensive tasks such as lifting heavy loads, preparing and painting rooms and areas.

  • Communicated with customers to decide upon best paints and approach to certain jobs.

SAE QANTM, Brisbane, Queensland (February 2016 - December 2017)


Worked on numerous small projects over the 2 year length of the course.

  • Gameplay programmer. Programmed implementations of primary mechanics in games. Created and iterated on projects with Unity.

  • Integrated 3rd party libraries (VRTK, XInput. ). Implemented AI behaviours, states and goals.

  • Developed tools for debugging and testing in games.

  • Oversaw various projects as project manager. Managing time, creating and allocating tasks and ensuring proper adherence to development procedure with workflow methodologies.

89 Friends, Brisbane, Queensland (September 2017 - December 2017)

Graphics Engineering Intern,

Worked on Ardent RPG as a graphics engineer.

  • Collaborated with the 89 Friends team and had a say on the implementation and development of certain features.

  • Helped to solve problems through the use of researching and experimenting with HLSL shaders in Unity.

  • Properly documented and implemented proposed solutions and simplified them for use with outside departments and negate future issues.

  • Participated in team meetings and team building activities.


SAE QANTM Institute, Brisbane, Queensland (2016 - 2017)

Bachelor of Games Development (Games Programming)

MacGregor State High School, Brisbane, Queensland (2010 - 2015)

Queensland Certificate of Education

Technical Experience

C#, C++, JavaScript, Node.js, Python, HTML, CSS, Unity, Git, Sourcetree, Gitkraken, Visual Studio.


  • Ardent RPG - Mobile 2019

  • Chairs - Windows 2018

  • Gunmetal Crusader: Star Overdrive - HTC Vive 2017

  • BeerSLAM! - Windows 2017

  • Shared House: Zeke - HTC Vive 2016

  • Project DMCA - Windows 2016