Gunmetal Crusader: Star Overdrive

Gunmetal Crusader: Star Overdrive (GCSO) is the second game that I created in VR, and the first longform project that I have ever undertaken. I worked on this project as Project Manager and Programmer for Smelly-Colours, a temporary team created for the capstone project of my degree. This was a 6 month long project overall,  and was scoped accordingly. GCSO is a round-based first person shooter where the player pilots a mech to fight of androids that are trying to destroy the beaches of Sawtell, NSW.

GCSO Shooting Androids

GCSO Shooting Androids

GCSO Shooting Various Guns

GCSO Shooting Various Guns

GCSO Cockpit

GCSO Cockpit


December 2017 - Published to


  • Managing an interdisciplinary team of 5

  • Assigning tasks and cutting features

  • Ensuring team were on task and producing meaningful work

  • Programming game systems

    • Wave management

    • Game management

    • Enemy spawning and Artificial Intelligence

  • Programming shaders if needed,

Project Time-Frame

2 months - Planning and Development

1 month - Prototyping and Refinement

3 months - Production and Polish

Tools Used:

  • Unity3D 2017.2

  • Visual Studio 2017

  • C#

  • HLSL

  • Sourcetree/Gitkraken

  • Hack ‘N’ Plan

  • Git