Chairs is a project that I undertook alongside Ash Stevens and Luke Wilmot as a part of Make-a-Thing September 2017. Make a Thing is a one week long game jam, at the beginning of which, three words are declared as the theme or inspirations for the project. The words this jam were Staccato, Prolong and Mass. After some consideration, the idea of a game of musical chairs came to us. Wherein a mass of players fight over a spot on the playing board, in short rounds, in order to prolong their life, and overall win the game. We even got awarded the "Aren't These Meant to be Bad?" award!

Chairs Title Screen

Chairs Title Screen

Chairs In-Game

Chairs In-Game


September 2017 - Published to, and submitted to the Make-A-Thing page


  • Assisting in game design

  • Implementing primary game mechanics

  • Implementing user audio-visual Feedback

Project Time-Frame

7 Days - Full-time

Tools Used:

  • Unity3D

  • Visual Studio 2015

  • C#

  • Sourcetree/Gitkraken

  • Trello

  • Bitbucket

Chairs In-Game

Chairs In-Game