Trends in 2017 Web Design

The world wide web is home to many great (and not so great) websites, and most everyone is racing to find the best way to providde a fresh user experience, while remaining clear and clever. So what are some of the better ways designers are doing this in these contemporary times?

Upon doing some research on the great I found Awwwards a website that seems dedicated to ranking designs for usability, creativity and content. Whilst browsing for references, an article posted earlier this year talked about the uprising trend of asymmetry stating "2016 also broke the rule of symmetry, which dominated the industry for quite a long time." (Merixstudio, 2017) Flipping through some of the freatured designs on the site. Many of the examples, such as Meskie Granie, Melanie-F and NUBIKK use these full-browser canvases as the first thing you see. Normally combined with nice typography or imagery in the case of multiple sections, then seemingly smooth transitions would be used whilst scrolling between them. All whilst upholding a uniform colour palette and typography.

One website that used this kind of style really well is Kenichiro Arai's personal website. It might be intentionally mediocre, but The Worst Portfolio Ever, were it a rreal person's portfolio might be able to benefit from a design like Kenichiro's. Even my own website might benefit from it as well (provided I get better screenshots of my games).



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Tylah Kapa