Loud Pipes, the Learning Platform

I''ve been kind of criticizing myself as a programmer. Looking at other programmers and seeing that they know what they know, how easily they can problem solve and the amount of languages they are proficient in, I can see that I'm pretty far behind. 

So recently I set out with the intention of learning some aspects of a new language just to say that I had that ability. I also wanted to make a discord bot, so why not? With help from peers I found Discordie, a node.js module that I could use to make a discord bot, and learn Javascript, all at the same time. Having only learned C++, and C#, both object-oriented languages, the concept of Node.js being event driven was relatively new. 

So struggling to come up with a name for the bot I rummaged around the internet swearing that I'll just use the name of the first song I see, and so thus Loud_Pipes was born. Before I knew it, I had pipes up and running and I was playing ping the robot with him. But that was just pre written code, I wanted to do something better with him, something that taught me somewhat the ins and outs of using JS while still being somewhat functional. 

Loud Pipes Example

So before I knew it I was embedding messages in discord in response to a command, learned about file I/O in JS, I learned about JSON and how that can be used to help me. Arrays and variables. While I was somewhat familiar with everything I was doing I hadn't done it in Javascript before. I was having a lot of fun with Loud_Pipes. With creating a discord bot in general, and I even got to learn something from it. Loud_Pipes can be found here.


Tylah Kapa