A Learning Opportunity

I’ve been working on a very small side project, and while I think it’s far from done, I don’t think I should work on it much more. A Turn Based Combat System (Repo here) is a small project I used as a vehicle for learning how to use Scriptable Objects as a design pattern and dabbling a little bit with Unity’s Shader Graph.

Using a couple of excellent talks, one from Ryan Hipple and the other from Richard Fine who both go quite in-depth about how useful SOs can be, and how they can be used in practise. It feels good the see just how easy SOs can be in practise, and is definitely something that I would like to use a lot in future projects.

Unity’s Shader Graph is pretty cool, and making a very simple disintegration and highlighting shader for enemies. It was interesting to me because I have worked with HLSL shaders on a basic level of understanding. l definitely want to tinker around with achieving some of the same effects I created in code with Shader Graph or even vice versa to see if I can gain a deeper understanding of how shaders are made.

Overall this was a simple project, it’s anything but finished and I just thought it was time to put it out there. I could use it as a base line in the future or if you want to use it for some reason feel free to. But I think that’s about it for now.