Vektor Maf

Vector math is one of the first and probably most important topic that I covered in the first week, as vector math will lay down the groundwork for a lot of the other mathematics I'll perform throughout my career. Using these planes to describe direction and magnitude, or a vector, particularly within a three dimensional space, is something that I feel particularly comfortable with.

Describing coordinates according to world space, space relative to an object or relative to the camera view is an easy concept to understand, though finding out when I should use which space is likely something that will simply take getting used to.

I'd like to use the information I currently have in order to create a small 3d Vector mathematics library that I can use in the future if it's good enough. It should be relatively simple, though just implementing hard coded formulas that perform in the same way is definitely very easy, perhaps I'd be able to find a way to make the functions within the class calculate using the different spaces?

It's something that I'll probably have to explore a little bit more while creating the library, and then report on what I've done in the future.


Tylah Kapa