The First Week Back

Well it's Monday again, and the living's easy.

It's been one action packed first week back, that's for sure. Laying down a framework, expectations, learning new things and going camping. I finally have a small chance to gather my head and organise myself.

So for studio this trimester. I, as a programmer, will be separated from the designers in my cohort, as we begin our specialised learning. Up until this point, designers and programmers had about the same amount of knowledge, but now that we are separated we now have a chance to study techniques and problems unique to programmers.

One umbrella term for one of these techniques is Artificial Intelligence programming, AI as it's commonly known. AI is a very common thing I'll have to program throughout my career as a programmer, be it for enemies or allies in a game, or perhaps even something completely unrelated to games, though I doubt I'll ever stray too far from the path I'm on right now.

I've already made very simple AI before that just takes points in the world that the enemy should move to and moves to it. But I never felt like I actually ever learned how to properly program AI, and now is my opportunity to do it.

With this comes some new mathematics and programming techniques I'll learn, these include Vector math, particularly 3D vector math, Matrices, and creating a mathematics library for ease of use and deeper understanding. Using things like pathfinding and finite state machines effectively will come when they do.

Though for now, that's about as much as has happened in the past week. A more in-depth blog about matrices and vector mathematics and their applications will be coming up soon.


Tylah Kapa.