Post-Mortem Project-DMCATakedown


After an extremely short week of working on this project, it's time to hang it up in favour of something somewhat more unique with more of, and new challenges to overcome in the future. In the interest of self-improvement or self-discovery, it's always a good idea to find the aspects of your project that may have gone very wrong or very right. 

To briefly outline the project, Project-DMCATakedown is a short, one week project that entailed the recreation of Super Mario Bros. World 1-1 with the art style of Bridget Riley, an Optical Phenomena artist. This project would attempt to retain the mechanics and level layout of the original game, only intentionally leaving out or altering mechanics if I believed that the artist's style called for it. 

The Bad

Considering how long I had to complete this project, and what I got completed in time, I'm quite satisfied with the outcome, and believe that I may attempt to refine it in the future. Though I don't believe that there were particular aspects of the project the went 'wrong' per se, there certainly were aspects of the project that weren't optimal.

Mario's movement mechanics were not fully complete/ true to Super Mario Bros. Because the project entailed the replication of the mechanics of Super Mario Bros., it would have been ideal to have these mechanics implemented properly. The exclusion of the polishing of these mechanics can primarily be boiled down to the underestimation of the scope of these mechanics which then resulted in a lack of time to understand them, affecting my ability to implement them. I realise now that if I'm trying to recreate mechanics or a player experience, I should look into the games mechanics and how they work in tandem to create the experience.desired. For similar projects in the future, I will prioritise learning the game I'm trying to replicate first with proper allotted time to do so, while still feeling confident that I can implement all of them correctly. This should be balanced out with other work on the project, such as getting a basic framework laid down, or placeholder artwork for the game.

Not all items/assets were implemented into the game. Super Mario Bros. World 1-1 holds various introductory game elements such as basic enemies, mechanics and items that are conveyed to the player via practical experimentation. I did not implement the Koopa enemy or the star item.  Whilst relatively simple to implement in concept, Again, I feel that this comes down to poor time management. A schedule should be made for the future, followed more strictly in addition, focusing less heavily on this side project I'm working on would be ideal, especially in the future, while working with peers.

The Good

Overall, I feel that this project was quite successful, I set out to this project with the goal of learning some more development tools, and feel that I did just that. My asset creation, with consideration for tone and player interfacing has improved somewhat, whilst my knowledge of the Game Maker: Studio engine has increased tenfold, alongside my knowledge of Game Maker Language. Aside from perhaps asset creation, nothing in particular went so well that I could hold it up on a golden pedestal. However, I do still believe that I learned valuable development tools and processes that will help me in the future. 

From this project, I can't say that I now know for sure what exactly I would like to do within the games industry. I've learned so much within the past year, only working on solo projects that I find it difficult to separate all of the areas of game development into specific sections. If there were three to four areas that I would like to work in, or enhance would likely be 2d and 3d asset creation, a broad knowledge of programming, focusing perhaps on shaders or player mechanics. These categories within themselves are vast, though that's about as specific as I can get at this point in time.  

Tylah Kapa