Mario Progress

Closing in on the submission date for this Super Mario Bros. x Bridget Riley rip - off, I realise now that it was much harder to emulate Mario Bros. than I would have imagined. What started off as scraping assets off the internet and changing them to suit Bridget Riley's simple-yet-complex illusory art style.

Because I was confident that I would be able to closely emulate Mario Bros. mechanics rather closely with GameMaker, it was something that I didn't particularly worry about. Though inevitably just when you think you know a game's mechanics, you realise that there's a plethora of mechanics that you find make up what you though was a single mechanic, or simply didn't notice while playing.

Though because this task wasn't assigned to primarily test my skills in Game Maker, I wasn't particularly disappointed that I'm not yet able to have progressive jumps or haven't implemented a sprint button because I didn't know that Mario could sprint.

In my endeavour to learn the mechanics of the game, I actually purchased Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario Bros. 2: The Lost Levels. Though it might take a while to get through both of them, having never played either of these games before. I think that it will be interesting and beneficial to learn about Mario's mechanics intimately enough to finish the infamous Lost Levels.

Aside from the mechanics of the game, I think that I adopted Bridget Riley's art style as well as I could without making the level unrecognisable or not traversable. Because Ms. Riley's art focuses heavily on tricks of the eye, I found it difficult to have the same kind of effect, or convey the artist's intended emotion.

I'm unsure of how I can improve on it as it stands right now, though I'm sure there's a way, I simply can't see it at this time.


Tylah Kapa