Project - DMCA Takedown

Recently I was tasked with merging the worlds of video games and art by integrating a specific artists' works with Super Mario Brothers world 1-1. For this project, I have been assigned to artist Bridget Riley, an artist born in 1931 London, England, and is most known for her Optical Phenomena (OP) art.

Untitled [Fragment 3/11] (1965)- Bridget Riley

Untitled [Fragment 3/11] (1965)- Bridget Riley

As seen above, in her painting Untitled [Fragment 3/11] it's easy to see the reason why her OP art is so well known. I feel that the simplicity of the work itself contributes even more to the complexity of the techniques and final product when it all comes together. It's clear that each dark line on the canvas relies on all of the other lines on the canvas to convey the true work. Much in the same way that a painter relies on their ladder to reach high spaces, if it weren't there the work could not be done. 

Untitled [Fragment 1/7] (1965) - Bridget Riley

Untitled [Fragment 1/7] (1965) - Bridget Riley

From here the only real question to ask is "How would anyone transfer this kind of art to world 1-1?" As Bridget Riley once said herself: "I work "from" something rather than "towards" something."(Riley, B. 1968) So I have these two things, Bridget Riley's works and World 1-1. If I were to successfully take this kind of illusory art style and transfer it directly into world 1-1 I feel that I wouldn't be doing the art justice. 

"My paintings are, of course, concerned with generating sensations, but certainly not the exclusion of emotion. One of my aims is that these two responses shall be experienced as one in the same." (Riley, B 1968)

To accurately replicate this style of thinking inside of a predetermined World will be difficult, I do however have the art style as meaningful justification for the use of illusion to trick the player. This kind of though process gave me the following palette and WIP tile set.

Project - DMCATakedown Tile set  (2016) Tylah Kapa

Project - DMCATakedown Tile set (2016) Tylah Kapa

As is quite obvious, the tile set does not utilise the stark white that Ms. Riley uses in her works. This was changed out of pure consideration of the player, as Bridget Riley's paintings ar already rather abrasive, to my eyes at least, having this scheme repeated and moving rapidly would be far worse. Of course there is much more I could to with this tile set, like try to incorporate the lines more into the 3D blocks, rather than simply a border and shading as indication. To have this properly done would take some time.

Project - DMCATakedown Ptototype  (2016) Tylah Kapa

Project - DMCATakedown Ptototype (2016) Tylah Kapa

Above is the work in progress prototype I have for this project. as you can see, the player character also takes on the same colour scheme, though has white eyes, so as to indicate the location of the sprite. my hopes is that the player won't have significant trouble seeing the player character, though the sprite is obscured enough for them to be hesitant of their movements and decisions. The red background will eventually be replaced with the opposing lines seen in the tile set above, however, for the sake of clarity I'm going to keep it there until all of the objects are placed. 

The creation of a simple prototype platform engine has taught me a lot about the way Game Maker Studio operates, and I hope that I can go on to use Game Maker for various projects in the future.


Tylah Kapa