A peek into the future

Recently, I've been getting more and more into being a project manager, trying to get into the groove of it, and looking into what being a project manager would entail.

As it turns out, the closes industry role that I could find to what I know to be a project manager is a producer. Looking a little bit deeper on what it is to be a producer, I found this article from Ernst ten Boch, a former producer/project manager at Blizzard Entertainment, a thorough and interesting blog on his opinion on what a good game producer is.

Boch, in his article, says that he refers to the team that he produces for as a flock of sheep, constantly needing to be kept in line, walking forwards and well-fed. He also says that he believe that a producer is a jack-of-all trades, as a producer doesn't have be be good at any one thing while also handling the pressure of keeping this herd in-line.

I've also read elsewhere that a producer is more a facilitator than a dictator, that a producer should always seek out problems within a team and resolve them or facilitate them if it's a personal issue. A producer should always seek the team's approval of this facilitation, especially if it affects workflow, or deadline expectations. In short, the producer is the guy that makes sure everyone is happy, and be to get the work the are assigned on time. 

While I do love the sound of doing that, I know that I myself am not very good at talking to people, or ensuring that everything is okay, especially for a larger team of people than I'm working with now, 4-6+. While being a jack-of-all trades appeals to me, and I've said so in a previous blog, I believe that I'd like to be more personal and specialised with the processes involved, rather than a conflict settler or work arounder-er. So perhaps if I took a step down, and started to look into Lead Programmer, someone that still does the same sort of thing as a producer, just on a smaller, more programming related scale.


Tylah Kapa