Working in a Team

If you're at all interested in working in games, the most essential knowledge you could have is how to work in a team of people. For the past few projects I believe that the way I've worked with a group both as a programmer and as a project manager has developed significantly. 

To me, the most important information I could have is how confident and motivated each member of the team is. As a project manager I can derive who is confident and motivated from who is present, attentive and a primary contributor to group meetings and the project's progress. This is especially obvious on a service that your group is using for discussion. Those that are online, present and willing to discuss the state of the project and the work that they have done are those who are motivated to progress the project to completion. 

When met with members of the group who aren't so cooperative, it's important to handle them with care. More often that not, simply dumping work on them expecting it to get done is never the smart response. to such a character. When I was met with this, presenting them with an amount of work that I know they could not do, and asking them what they can get done in a certain time frame was one of the best things I could have done. People have a tendency to not want to disappoint, if you were to put a load of work in front of me that I couldn't achieve before a set date, I would still attempt to get as much of it done as I think I could do, because I don't want to disappoint you. In my case, doing this tactic got the ball rolling and cogs turning, and ended up motivating the person to do a little bit more and a little bit more each time. 

To be firm in pushing for the maximum amount of work to be completed before deadlines, ensuring that work load is spread evenly and those falling behind are helped is, in my eyes, what a project manager is. If I were to be a project manager in the industry, I would try to adopt these kinds of tactics to create a more positive, motivated work environment. Which would naturally increase workflow throughout the project. 


Tylah Kapa