I want to be....

Dark Souls, particularly Dark Souls' lore most definitely had some kind of impact on me. I walked through countless grueling areas to kill things without really knowing why, to light a big fire, I guess. There was something about it that left me wanting more, and so I searched, in the game, on the internet and it dawned on me. The game had had the same kind of impact on so many others, they finished the game and were left wondering "Why the hell did I just do that?". There's something magical about watching people come together to piece together a narrative others are almost sure doesn't exist, only to find it's much deeper than first anticipated. 

To instill that kind of feeling in others, the lust to know more, or even to take a piece of information and make your own story out of it, is why I want to become a World-builder, or at least be involved in that area throughout my career. Here is a small description of a World Builder Artist, one who is more involved in the art side of world building and creating natural and interesting levels for a particular world's lore. While I'd more like to participate more in contributing to the lore of a world, to design levels around that lore is something that I still find interesting.

Finn Staber is someone whom I coincidentally found while searching for examples of a World Builder. Finn's LinkedIn profile shows that he was, at one point,  Senior Designer/Programmer/World Builder. From the points that he outlines the job with, he had to work closely with the art and animation departments to incorporate lore based assets into the game's world, he also needed to design levels and player-NPC interactions. 

While I find these things interesting, and perhaps more closely related to those feelings that I want to invoke in others, I think that I may reconsider just exactly what I want to do in the industry. For now, general programming is fine, but I'd like to focus more on a particular field that requires programming in the future.


Tylah Kapa