Small Update

Recently I've been feeling pretty swamped with the project that I'm currently working on, however, I was able to pull out an update to my health bar for a small side project that I'm working on!

To explain really quickly, I've been experimenting with designing, creating and utilising the 2D art that I make. I've been looking into actually attempting to draw characters and whatnot, but I like making inanimate objects for now.

Frames for my health bar

Frames for my health bar

The health bar below is something that I've been wanting to try to see in action for a bit now. The player's primary health is the three green crystals, followed by the player's additional 'Will' in the red and blue crystal.  When the player attacks an enemy, they will gain Will, firstly filling the red gauge and then the blue gauge capping out at ten Will. Will can be used both as a catalyst for stronger attacks and as a secondary health bar. red an blue attacks will be both stronger and bigger alongside making the player somewhat more vulnerable. If a player uses a red attack at ten Will, their Will will be reduced to eight, the player may then use a three Will blue attack to exhaust their blue Will and then only have red Will attacks available to them. 

I'm unsure of how this will work out, as I still have to work out how I want this resource system to feel. I'm wanting the player to feel strong and empowered, though only in moderation. I hope that I can get something cool up and running before long, but I guess time will tell.


Tylah Kapa