2.8 Days Later

It's been about 3-4 days since SAG-AFTRA put out their notification to members that a strike had been initiated. Since then it seems that the struck companies are still to produce a "fair offer" for negotiation between the struck companies and SAG-AFTRA.

The SAG-AFTRA Interactive Negotiation Committee have put out an official statement of negotiations so far saying:  

"We know where out members stand, and we will put a deal in fron of the SAG-AFTRA membership when we have an agreement our committee can recommend." 

The full statement can be found on SAG-AFTRA's website here

To me personally, I think that anywhere is a good place to start, if all of SAG-AFTRA's demands are met in the middle then it would be a huge leap for the games industry. My fingers are crossed for this strike to cause a domino effect within the industry and force triple A companies to clean up their act, specifically their treatment of employees, not just contracted actors. 

In 2015, the International Game Developers Association (IGDA) conducted a survey. The study indicated that of the 65% of the people that were surveyed whom claimed to be permanent employees it was found that they had an average of 2.7 employers in the past 5 years. I'm not sure about you, but to me this may be cause for alarm, we live in a world where too many game developers expect to be fired upon release, and expect to be in perpetual crunch for their career. Those whom look from the outside in can point and pretty soundly say "Well that's just a normal part of Game Development, stop being so selfish." and that is, quite frankly, totally fucked up.


Tylah Kapa