Ardent rpg

Ardent RPG, is the first Augmented Reality and mobile application I’ve had the pleasure of working on with 89 Friends Pty Ltd. Ardent RPG is an assistant application for Tabletop Roleplaying Games that brings the game to life through the player’s screens. I worked on this project as a graphics engineer for 3 months, it is still under development and will be released for Android and iOS soon.

Ardent RPG Logo (89 Friends Pty Ltd)

Ardent RPG Logo (89 Friends Pty Ltd)

In-Game Ship Ocean Scene


Still in Development - Android and iOS


  • Analysing and designing solutions to graphical problems

  • Documenting and communicating shader implementations effectively

  • Implementing shader solutions efficiently

  • Ensuring all tasks are completed thoroughly and on time

Project Time-Frame

3 Months - Developing shader solutions to complex graphical problems

Tools Used:

  • Unity Engine

  • Visual Studio 2017

  • C#

  • HLSL

  • Sourcetree/Gitkraken

  • Git